Milking Parlour Pit Mats

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Milking Parlour Pit Mats

Milking Parlour Pit Mats

Pit Mats

Our Parlour Pit Mats measure 1m x 1m x 20mm without edging, 1.03 x 1.03 with edging strips. Higher density 120kg/cbm floor matting. Multi-purpose matting ideal for Milking Parlour Pits.

  • Rapid installation
  • Custom fit with Stanley knife
  • Anti Bacterial closed cell EVA
  • Reversible
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Complete with Edging Strips

Can’t find your colour combination to match your business design? You can mix and match all our mats. For example, if you are looking for a black/blue combination, then you can purchase some green/black and blue/red. Quantity discounts are available on site. Any colour combination, density and thickness from 20mm/30mm and 40mm can be ordered on request.

Milking Parlor Floor Mats FOR Sale

A safe and comfortable floor in your milking parlour pit is essential to ensure your parlor operators wellbeing. Pit mats are the number one solution for this, providing an unbeatably durable surface that will provide comfort and safety for years to come.

These pit mats help prevent fatigue from standing on hard surfaces and reduce noise levels in your milking parlour due to their dampening properties.

Furthermore, parlour mats are easy to install and maintain – all you need to do is hose them down with clean water! With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that stable mats are becoming increasingly popular as a milking parlour floor mat option.

What makes our dairy pit matting stand out?


Parlour Pit Mats are ideal for creating a comfortable and safe milking parlour environment. These pit mats measure 1m x 1m x 20mm without edging or 1.03 x 1.03 with edging strips and provide superior cushioning compared to standard floor matting due to their higher density of 120kg/cbm.

The milking parlour mats are made from a closed-cell EVA material that is water-resistant and anti-bacterial for maximum protection against germs and bacteria in the work area.

Built to last

The pit mats also feature an excellent anti-fatigue properties design which helps reduce strain on the the operators feet and legs when standing for long periods of time in the milking parlour – making them great for employees who have to stand all day as part of their job duties.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to custom-fit edging strips that can be cut with a Stanley knife, allowing you to create a perfect fit in your milking parlour every time, no matter how many sharp turns or irregular shapes your space may be!  Parlour Pit Mats offers a simple yet effective way of ensuring employee safety while providing comfort during those long hours spent in the milking parlour.

Customer Favourite Pit Mat Ireland

Over 80% of pit mats sold here are 20mm red/blue reversible mat below. The reason this mat is most popular is that it is affordable, the colour matches most machinery and the 20mm thickness permits head clearance issues. Some parlour pits simply do not have the head clearance available to retrospectively fit 40mm thick mats.

pit mats ireland
Pit mats Ireland


Can’t find your colour combination to match your milking parlour design? You can mix and match all our pit mats Ireland. For example, if you want a black/blue combination, you can purchase some green/black and blue/red. Any rubber cow matting colour combination, density, and thickness from 20mm/30mm and 40mm can be ordered on request.

High quality

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality materials for our products. We understand that when you buy something, it must be made with durability and reliability. That is why we only use the best materials available for a EVA parlour mat to ensure that our customers get a product that will last them for years. They won’t absorb liquid, so cleanup is easy when they get wet!

Customer Approved

Our customer-approved parlour matting designs speaks itself – not only do they look great, but they also get the job done right every time. Our commitment to quality ensures that each of our interlocking mats is manufactured with precision and care so that you can continue to trust us with your purchases of a parlour mats.


We have been in business since 2003, meaning we know what it takes to keep customers happy and satisfied over long periods of time. With more than 20 years of experience under our belt, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or solved!

Plus, thanks to advanced production techniques developed over these many years, Ireland delivery is typically two working days from order placement!  So if you’re looking for high-quality products delivered quickly to your milking parlour without sacrificing quality standards, look no further!

Milking parlour information.

Are Parlour Pit mats suitable for outdoor use?

While parlour pit mats are waterproof they are NOT suitable for permanent outdoor use for a few reasons. Firstly they are non-porous which means water will pool on top of them. Secondly the colour will bleach in prolonged direct sunlight and lastly they are too light and will be blown away (e.g. 2kg for 20mm). You might consider porous outdoor rubber mats.

Made from Closed Cell EVA so no water is absorbed.


Easily cut to fit with a Stanley knife.

Mats are reversible

Can mix different colour mats.

Edging strips included.