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40mm Parlour Pit Mats Red/Blue 1m x 1m

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40mm pit Mats

40mm Pit Matts: Recommended for operators in the Parlour pit as opposed to cattle walking on them. There are a wide variety of benefits which include: *Reversible *Anti-fatigue. *Rapid installation. Features: *High grip surface. *EVA material. * 100kg/cbm density *Interlocking jigsaw mats. *Available in Blue/Red Prices Inclusive of VAT

Milking parlour pit mats are essential for providing comfort and safety for farm workers who spend extended periods standing in milking parlors. These mats can significantly reduce fatigue, improve worker comfort, and enhance overall productivity. The thickness of these mats, such as the 40mm option, plays a crucial role in their effectiveness. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of 40mm milking parlour pit mats compared to thinner options:

Advantages of 40mm parlour Mats

  1. Enhanced Comfort: The thicker mats provide better cushioning, which can significantly reduce fatigue for workers standing for long hours. This additional comfort can lead to improved worker satisfaction and potentially higher productivity.
  2. Better Shock Absorption: Thicker mats offer superior shock absorption, reducing the impact on the legs and back. This can help in preventing long-term musculoskeletal disorders associated with standing on hard surfaces for prolonged periods.
  3. Durability: Generally, thicker mats tend to be more durable and resistant to wear and tear compared to thinner options. This means they may last longer before needing replacement, potentially offering better long-term value.
  4. Improved Insulation: The extra thickness can provide better insulation against cold floors, which is particularly beneficial in environments like milking parlours that can become quite cold, enhancing worker comfort.
  5. Noise Reduction: Thicker mats can also help in reducing noise levels, contributing to a more pleasant working environment.

Disadvantages of 40mm Parlour Mats

  1. Higher Cost: Due to the additional material required for their thickness, 40mm mats are generally more expensive than thinner options. This higher initial investment might be a drawback for some farms.
  2. Head Clearance: When retro fitting pit mats check to see if you have enough head clearance.
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Weight 4 kg
Double Thick

Double Thick, High Density, Easy Fit

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