17mm 1.83m (6ft) x 1.22m (4ft) Stud Dot Rubber Stable Mats

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Save on hay, install anti fatigue rubber stud dot stable mats with wood chip. The mats are 1.83m x 1.22m x 17mm thick. Also used for Horse stables.


1. Easy installation

2. ECO friendly

3. Non Slip

4. Shock Absorbing

5. Sound Absorbing

Stud dot rubber mats, also known as button mats due to their distinctive raised dot (or stud) pattern on the surface, have been used in stables and various other applications for several decades. Rubber matting has been a part of animal husbandry and industrial applications since at least the mid-20th century. Advances in rubber technology and the recognition of rubber’s beneficial properties for flooring likely led to the adoption of stud dot mats in stables by the late 20th century.

Primary Advantages of Stud Dot Rubber Mats in Stables

  1. Increased Comfort: These mats provide a more comfortable and natural standing surface for horses compared to hard concrete floors. The cushioning effect of rubber helps reduce fatigue and stress on the animals’ legs and joints, which is particularly beneficial for horses that spend a lot of time in their stalls.
  2. Improved Safety: The raised dot pattern on these mats offers enhanced traction and slip resistance, reducing the risk of slips and falls for both the horses and their handlers. This is crucial in maintaining a safe environment within the stable.
  3. Enhanced Insulation: Rubber mats act as insulators against the cold and dampness of concrete floors, helping to keep the stall warmer and more comfortable for the horse. This can be particularly advantageous in colder climates.
  4. Ease of Cleaning and Hygiene: Stud dot rubber mats are easier to clean and sanitize compared to traditional stable flooring. They can be swept, hosed down, or disinfected without absorbing moisture, helping to maintain a cleaner and more hygienic environment that reduces the risk of disease.
  5. Durability: Rubber mats are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, even when subjected to the considerable weight and movement of horses. They are designed to last many years, making them a cost-effective flooring solution over time.
  6. Reduced Bedding Costs: By providing a comfortable surface, these mats can reduce the amount of bedding required for cushioning and insulation. This can lead to significant savings on bedding materials and labor associated with bedding management.
  7. Ammonia Control: Rubber mats can help in controlling ammonia levels in the stable. By reducing the amount of urine that seeps into the floor, these mats can help maintain better air quality, as urine breakdown is a primary source of ammonia in stables.

Stud dot rubber mats combine functionality with practicality, offering a range of benefits that enhance the comfort, safety, and health of horses in stables. Their use reflects a broader trend towards improving animal welfare and operational efficiency in equestrian facilities.

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  1. Glyn W. (verified owner)

    Ideal for the cement floor in my garage. Keeps the dust low, a soft surface to kneel and lie on. Seems warmer too.