17mm 1.22m (4ft) x 0.91m (3ft) Ameobic Rubber Stable Mats

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** Note these mats are made by a different manufacturer than the 6ft x 4ft x 17mm Amoebic mats and may differ slightly. **


Save on hay, install anti fatigue rubber Amoebic stable mats with wood chip. The mats are 0.91m x 1.22m x 17mm thick. Also used for Horse stables.


1. Easy installation

2. ECO friendly

3. Non Slip

4. Shock Absorbing

5. Sound Absorbing

Purchasing rubber flooring is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to raise the quality of life for your cattle, and thereby increase production. High traction, soft rubber flooring allows cows to gain confidence with each step, easily travelling between their stable to the milking parlour without any slips or injuries. These mats absorb shocks from your cows’ steps, which can alleviate the stress on their joints.

The amoebic texture is a mosaic of raised shapes designed to prevent against slipping, and is the ideal surface for rubber mats placed in the walkways that lead to the milking parlour. When cows need to stop abruptly or change directions, they need proper traction under their hooves.

These mats are also incredibly comfortable, and cows prefer to lay down on rubber mats compared to cold concrete. An added benefit of rubber mat’s shock absorbing properties is that it also absorbs sound, creating a much quieter stable. Also, you can save on hay and place wood chips on these mats.

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